Friday, September 24, 2010

texting snippet

Said Karla to Jeff via text after her morning Metro ride into work on Friday:

"Can I tell you something? I love the Gospel! Since I left my stuff at work yesterday I just pondered on the Metro in today. I thought of The Living Christ, the Family Proclamation, the Young Women's theme, and the Relief Society theme. And you know what I realized? The Gospel brings me more joy than any of these DC thrills ever could. They are fun of course, but they don't even compare to the full, happy joy the Gospel brings me. It was a needed reminder that I always need to ctr so I'm worthy of Gospel blessings. Thanks for letting me share."

And it's true - Christ's gospel makes me happy. :)


Jenny and Jake said...
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Jenny and Jake said...

You say it so well!

Crystal and Kyle said...

Amen! My favorite part about the gospel is that it is always there. Those other things that bring "happiness" aren't very reliable but the gospel always makes me happy and brings me the peace and perspective that I need. Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear Maryland is treating you well.