Tuesday, June 22, 2010

big news

Yes, we're moving to...

Maryland? you ask. Why Maryland? Well, Jeff is going back to school to pursue a PhD in Business, specifically in Information Systems (IS). We are thrilled that he has been accepted at the University of Maryland - go Terps!

Not only is it an AMAZING program (their IS program is ranked number 6 in the country), but it is a mere 6 miles away from Washington, DC. As a result, I will be working for the U.S. Senate in our Capitol Hill office!

Jeff has had grad school in mind for quite some time, but who knew we'd be moving to Maryland? Who knew I'd be working in DC? It's so interesting to see the path our lives have taken and continue to take - how it all unfolds.

We feel so richly blessed by the Lord. We know He is mindful of us and has a plan for us, better than the plans we made for ourselves. We are sad to leave Idaho and our friends and family here, but we are also excited for the new adventure that lies ahead on the east coast!

These are my own little "terps" I bought with birthday money from Anthro. Aren't they cute?