Sunday, June 29, 2008


One of the blessings of living in Utah for the past few years is the proximity to so many temples. Jeff and I have enjoyed going to the different temples and seeing how beautiful they are, inside and out. I was able to go to the Jordan River Temple just a few weeks ago, and it was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the peace and spirit I felt there, as well as the time to think about the blessings the Lord has blessed me with. I also love how pretty the temple grounds are; they help reflect the beauty that is inside the temple walls.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

she's crafty :: quilting

Hooray! I'm back to blogging! The past little while has been crazy. What, with Jeff's start date moving up, scrambling to find housing, getting a car...yes, this has all happened within the past few weeks. We are busily trying to get everything ready to move on July 3 - aah! One of the things on my to-do list is to have another fabulous *she's crafty* activity! Here's the scoop.

What: Machine Quilting - hosted by Tenille

When: Thursday, June 26 (sorry for the short notice - we just decided today)

Where: Tenille's apartment (e-mail me for directions karlaehlers[at]yahoo[dot]com- it has changed in the last month or two)

What you need to bring: fabric, batting, pattern, etc. OR you can just come and learn - Tenille will have some materials for us to practice on

Tenille is going to teach us some basics for making quilts, including how to piece them together and how do the actual quilting on a regular sewing machine. She will show also be showing us some of her own beautiful quilts for examples and ideas. We are leaving it open and pretty casual, so come ready with questions.I've included a couple of pictures above to show you how cool, modern, and hip quilts can be. I'm so excited to learn more about quilting from Tenille - she really is a wealth of knowledge!

image from amy butler

Wednesday, June 4, 2008