Monday, August 20, 2007

Three whole years

Today is my three year wedding anniversary! I'm so blessed to have a wonderful friend to share life's experiences with. We've had so much fun over the watches in middle school, talking too much in Biology, late night phone calls, countless games of Mancala and Guess Who? He really is one of the big joys in my life!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

California Dreams

Jeff and I had a great time in California! We had quite a few things planned, but still had enough free time to sleep in, take our time, and enjoy our long-awaited break.

Our trip began with our flight into LAX. I loved my window seat, especially because I got to watch the beautiful lightning storm going on outside. Jeff was content to listen to his iPod and pretend we weren't really flying. It's funny how different we are. :) Jeff's Aunt Terry came to pick us up at the airport when we got in. She was kind enough to let us stay at her little beach house in Hermosa Beach, wait on us hand and foot, drive her fun convertible, etc. She is wonderful!

Wednesday monring we met up with Jeff's sister, Shallie, who is working in Claremont for part of the summer. After that we went to In-N-Out, which we LOVE! It was funny - the cashier wouldn't take the order from Jeff because he was wearing his Giants jersey (a Barry Bonds jersey no less). He simply looked away and said, "I can't take your order while you're wearing that shirt. You're in the WRONG part of town." No joke! Luckily he took the order from me, even though I wouldn't agree to withhold sharing my chocolate shake with Jeff! After that we made it to the beach for a while before going to...

The Giants/Dodgers game! We planned the whole trip around when the Giants would be in town. The atmosphere was incredible! With the home run record so close to being tied and the Dodgers fans who hate the Giants and hate Barry Bonds even more, it made for a once in a lifetime experience. Although Barry didn't hit a home run that night (except in batting practice), we enjoyed our Dodger Dogs, watching crazy fans get ejected, and cheering for Barry.

The best part was seeing how happy Jeff was. He has been a Giants fan since he was a little kid and he had that 10-year old excitement at the game! In fact, it's still there everytime he talks about it. :) The excitement was only slightly dampened when we had to exit the game amidst the heckling of the Dodger fans. One of them told Jeff he had something on his shirt that he needed to get off!

Can you see the excitement on this kid's face?

Barry and the brutal Dodgers fans, who heckled all night - even after he had been taken out of the game.

Barry at the plate with a few of the MANY camera flashes that went off every time he swung the bat.

Jeff and me, posing with Barry. Can't you see him? He's in between us!

NOTE: I had Jeff proofread all of this. He said it was good, except that he would have put more about the Giants game. So...if you want more details, please talk to Jeff. He LOVES to talk about it!

Thursday we took Shallie back to her camp and drove back to Hermosa Beach for a little shopping. Then Terry took us out to Cheesecake Factory (YUM!) before we left for Hollywood to see Wicked. WOW! What a show! The music and acting were incredible - we were both getting goosebumps all night. Go if you ever get the chance!

Driving Shallie back to Claremont in Terry's convertible. The beach is just beyond the motel in the background.

Pantages Theater in Hollywood where we saw Wicked.

Friday morning we drove to Yorba Linda to see our friends Jason, Chelsi, and their little Brooklyn. We had so much fun with them! We went to Crate & Barrel (we had never been there), Huntington Beach, and rounded out the night with a dip in their jacuzzi, "cliff jumping" into the pool, and a movie. We had so much fun!
Jeff, loving every minute of Crate & Barrel (ha ha)

Huntington Beach

Saturday morning we woke up and went to the happiest place on earth...Disneyland!

It was definitely busy, but Jeff and I were both surprised at how quickly we got through everything. We had planned to stay until close at midnight, but by 9:00pm we had ridden every ride we wanted to (except the Finding Nemo Subs - no way we were going to wait 2 hours for that one) - we had even gone on our favorites (Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean) twice! I guess you go through the park a lot quicker when you don't have a group/family in tow!

Jeff, demonstrating the thrill of Autopia!

This is a classic photo of us on a roller coaster. I'm laughing, smiling, and screaming in enjoyment. Jeff is ducking, enduring, and holding on for dear life in semi-enjoyment. I love it!

Sunday we got to sleep in (AAAAAH!) before going to church with Terry. After that we had some relaxing time back at the beach house. After that we took an evening stroll on the beach and watched the sunset. It was beautiful! We went back to Terry's and were able to catch the fireworks over the pier before we went to bed.

Beautiful sunset!

Monday...the last day. We threw on our swim garbs and set out for the beach. We attempted at body boarding one last time before heading back to beachless Utah, and I finally caught a wave on my last try! Then it was on to packing, the airport, and landing in SLC before 4:00pm. Jeff's Uncle Carl and Aunt Deb were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and feed us dinner before we headed back to Provo. All in all, we had a great trip!

Now all we have to show is pictures and tan lines!