Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good things...

(like this wallet I made for Leslie)

come in small packages

(like this cute little envelope)!

This wallet is the perfect size for credit cards, business cards, even a pack of gum (a little snug - but a fit, nevertheless!). I have one like it in pink and brown and love it!

* see additional views below *

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I had a birthday, shout HOORAY!

In case you didn't know, last Friday, May 18th was my 24th birthday! However, I doubt you didn't know - I basically published it.

In fact, I did...

on my birthday party invitations!

Yep - I celebrated my 24th birthday like it was my 4th! I decided to have a party, complete with croquet ball invitations (see above),

a croquet tournament (you can see Jeff lining up the perfect shot here),

and a birthday cake decorated like a croquet course! Birthdays are so much more fun when you have people to celebrate them with! And thank you to everyone who brought me gifts (chocolate, flowers, and the gift certificate) - I am so spoiled!

I also have to give props to Jeff, my wonderful husband. Everything he did, from sending me mp3s of Primary songs, to wrapping my gifts in Christmas wrapping paper with masking tape, to picking out the "right" paper punch from Joann's made it a great day!

Tiptoe through the tulips!

We went to a wedding at the Bountiful Temple this past weekend - it is amazing! I'd never been there, but have wanted to go since I was 11. As expected, it is beautiful - inside and out!

I haven't seen many tulips lately (at least in good condition), but these were still lovely.

I like the sweet "Princess Pink" color.

And purple isn't my favorite color, but these are GORGEOUS!

April showers...

They weren't kidding about "April showers" - I had 5 baby showers within 2 weeks in April! I was busy making bags and burp cloths. I designed and made each one (you can see more pictures by clicking on the flickr badge to the right).

These bags have turned out to be a big hit! I've tried to make them the perfect size for quick errands - smaller than a diaper bag but bigger than a purse. They also have an interior pocket for cell phones, credit cards, or even a bottle. I've received rave reviews and hope they are as functional as they are fun!

Also, I hope Kristen, Sabrina, Kacey, Brooke, and Sheena like the colors I chose for their bags. One of the best parts about making these gifts is that I get to make something I think matches each of their personalities - so fun!

May flowers!

May 1st! What better day to make my first post? I love May for so many reasons - the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, not to mention by birthday on the 18th. :) So much to be happy about at this time of year!

I've been storing pictures for so long and have finally decided to do something with them (plus I'll finally have something to show for all those hours behind the sewing machine!). Enjoy!