Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend

Taking a stroll through campus

with a stop at the duck pond

dying eggs with the fam

including this special one for Jeff

and flying the kite the bunny brought. :)


Jen Alonso said...

you take the best pictures ever! You can take pictures of something simple (like grass) and make it look so beautiful! =)

megan... said...

I love it. And I wanted to tell you after enrichment last night- I pretty much enjoy every time we chat. I went home and told Bobby how I think you are pretty much great and I feel like we could just chat forever.. and usually do- leaving our husbands wondering where we've been!

Meliss said...

I LOVE that the Easter bunny brought you a Backyardigans kite! Luckyyyy!

Adam and Rachel said...

awesome eggs!!!