Thursday, September 20, 2007

happy thoughts

Here is a little gift envelope I made for Lynn with the help of my new toy (more details on that later). The colors were inspired by my Amy Butler fabric.

Now I don't really consider myself to be a designer label person, but fabric is an exception! I LOVE all these colors - so versatile. I even have a new purse in the works. One of the other projects I was able to use it on was a button cover.

If you follow the craft blogging world, you know that button covers have been all the craze lately. I found instructions on how to make a cover without buying the kit - see the tutorial here. After that I just used a simple half hitch knot to attach a ponytail holder and voila! Super cute hair accessory!

** Special thanks for Jodie, Melissa, and Megan - without their gift certificate this fabric purchase probably wouldn't have taken place. **


jordan hansen said...

Ahh! The pictures aren't showing up on my computer and I'm DYING to see your crafts! I'm sure they are darling. :)

clay and jordan said...

Now I see them! For CUTE!