Wednesday, October 27, 2010

longwood gardens

Last weekend Jeff and I went to Delaware and Pennsylvania to see his brother Rob and his wife Jolene. It was wonderful to see family out here and spend some time with them. One of the things we did was go to Longwood Gardens. It was so amazing! I kept finding myself telling Jeff, "I want one of these someday!" Just exquisite. Our time was quite limited, but I did manage to snap some pictures of what was growing there.

Oh, these beautiful mums! I think I could take pictures of the purple ones forever.

A Bird of Paradise, Jeff's favorite flower.

I loved the water lily gardens. I kept telling Jeff that I just wanted to float away on one of those big lily pads - they were huge!

Flowers weren't the only thing they had at Longwood. This wall was incredible! So green, and the fresh vegetation smell was lovely. It was one of the things I told Jeff I want in our house someday. :)


Jenny and Jake said...

So beautiful!

Crystal and Kyle said...

These pics are beautiful. I love the purple one's too. We watched the first world series game tonight and I thought of you and Jeff and how excited he must be that his Giants are in it! Have a great week. :)

Serena Cherry said...

That looks so beautiful! I have always wanted to go up! That is really close to Terrain I was telling you about! Beautiful pictures! You made it look even more alluring! That lily pad was gorgeous!