Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Something I have noticed about designers - they always seem to keep beatiful things around them to inspire them. They don't have to be big or expensive - something as small as a vintage button or postage stamp sometimes does the trick.

Since I've made our spare room (aka Spare oom) into a craft room, I've have a place to lay out little knick knacks to keep me inspired. Pictured above is a beatiful card sent to me by Kacey. I ADORE the colors and the print. It's already been the source of inspiration for 2 other projects. Great taste, Kacey!

I also finally have room to put out finished products that haven't yet been put to use. That category includes these cute little containers Beth showed us how to make. Aren't navy and yellow lovely together? And yes - those are washed out tin cans, covered with pretty paper secured by double-sided tape. Beth is amazing!

What inspires you?


Wendy said...

looking at other peoples ideas like your blog and other crafty peoples!
I too believe that surrounding yourself with little things you love yet having a clean and organized home helps with productivity and sparks and inspires new ideas! Thanks Karla!

ps I couldn't remember if I had added you to my bloglist yet shoot me an email with you address if not so you can read my blog even though it isn't nearly as cute!!!

emailwendyt (at) hotmail (dot) com

Angela said...

Love that card! I agree whole-heartedly about keeping pretty little things around you. That's why I love my desk calendar so much! And I was just thinking I needed something to keep spare buttons in, so I might have to make one of those cute little containers.
And I agree with Wendy. I love looking at other peoples blogs for inspiration.

Becky said...

You know what inspires me the most? Nature. God's own creations. Sunsets. Snow clinging to individual branches in winter. Flowers. Animals. The colors of the leaves in fall. Trees stretching over a road and joining in the middle above me. Stars. The moon. Rainstorms. Thunder. Lightening. Waterfalls. Mountains. This is such a beautiful world we live in.

Christy said...

i copied these pictures...and will one day duplicate your amazing craftiness!