Wednesday, August 20, 2008

four years

four years ago today

I married my best friend.

so glad I did :)


mindyk said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! So cute, you guys.

Also, congrats on the job. It never takes success long to find you two.

AND--cute vases; cute shoes!

Ariel said...

I'm so glad I was there four years ago to see you marry your best friend. Happy Anniversary!!! You and Jeff are the perfect couple. I am also so excited about your job. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I also have those IKEA vases. They are super cute.

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary! :) You guys are so cute :)

clay and jordan said...

Congrats on 4 years! I love all of your posts lately, Karla. It's great to see that Boise is treating you well!

Rachel said...

you guys are cute! love the braces...adam can relate. take care guys.