Monday, January 14, 2008

this just in!

Yes, I am at work. And yes, I should wait to post until later. But I just couldn't wait!

My amazingly talented friend Angela just alerted me to her *new* Etsy shop she opened over the weekend! I just took a look and WOW! The jewelry, the photos, the descriptions - beautiful! So, so impressed!

Angela and I became friends when we started working together about 2 years ago. I remember commenting on her pretty necklace her first day; she replied, "Thanks, I made it." I couldn't believe that she had actually twisted all the wire herself and taken the time to make something so intricate (to see what I mean, look at her Mary Neckalce, which I love)! She does it all -cooking, sewing, and of course jewelry-making. And I owe my introduction to the craft-blogging world to her. So a BIG shout out to Angela!

Be sure to stop in at the shop and visit her blog - she's doing a giveaway for the earrings pictured above (or another similar pair - your choice). Yay!

UPDATE: Congrats, Jordan, on winning the earrings!


Angela said...

You are too kind! And I could have never taken those pictures if you hadn't lead me to the infamous Brian Niven. Thanks Karla, you're the best!

clay and jordan said...

Hey Karla...a lady in my ward has just started up a giveaway blog that I thought you (and Angela) might be interested in. Go take a look!
All of the information is on the left hand side of the page. Let me know if either of you end up joining in! I'd love to enter for a giveaway for creations from either of you!