Thursday, November 29, 2007

jeff's brainhoney

A little plug for Jeff:

Jeff recently told me about, a website where you can create and post lessons/tutorials to the web. He just finished creating one about how to build a budget. We're both big fans of budgeting, so I even gave a little "testimonial" at the end. :)

Visit the website if you get a chance and type "budget" into the search line. He is entering his lesson in a scholarship contest and gets extra points for all the hits he gets, as well as the viewer ratings. The deadline is Friday night at midnight, so take a look and rate it if you get a chance!


Angela said...

I think budgets are great, and I think you will too!

Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

Karla, we did it! That was so fun. We are definitely budget converts, but I got some good tips. Jeff's presentation reminded me of when Tyler took Norm Menro's Accounting 200 class. But he never had a testimonial from his wife--that was my favorite part! You guys are so fun.