Friday, October 5, 2007

baby kicks

Here are some pictures of my latest in baby gift giving - handmade shoes! I found the free pattern here. A few mods here and an embelishment there brought me to the final product.

I've also been experimenting with some appliqued onesies, as well. Put it with the shoes and you have a nice, little, color-coordinated package!


Angela said...

Very cute Karla! I like the ribbon on top. Good embellishment.

clay and jordan said...

Ah! So cute. Do you have an Etsy shop? You should start!

I miss you Karla. How are you?

Jon Becca James said...

I love those shoes! James needs some shoes. We haven't had to worry about him having shoes for several months now because he isn't walking yet and it's been so hot. But now that the weather should be getting colder (should be, hasn't yet), and he'll be walking soon, we need to get him shoes. Too bad I can't sew. You are amazing, Karla!

Adam and Kiley said...

You are so dang talented! Those shoes are super cute. You should sell them - I know if I had a baby I would buy them.