Thursday, October 20, 2011

confessions of a color lover

I posted a similar picture from the fair in Boise a long while ago, but I still love it!

It's true - I am a lover of color - big time. Color is something I have always been drawn to, way back to learning the order of the colors in the rainbow and the complimentary colors. I even remember contemplating colors combinations as early as second grade (as a child I determined that pink/gray, pink/green, and purple/turquoise were good ones).
The love of color continues today. One of the most fantastic features of our SLC and Maryland apartments are/were the wall colors (LOVE the taupe, blues and yellow). And I have been known to organize my closet, bookshelf, fabric, even DVDs by color. And I admit to not being able to get over the first color issue of the General Conference Ensign issue - epic!

So it looks like I'm not the only one to confess a stronger than average affinity for color. Aarean is dedicating a whole new blog to it (with an awesome giveaway, too). Don't you adore the beautiful items she paired together above? Lovely. I believe I shall be making some more color posts myself one of these days.


Jenny and Jake said...

LOVE color, too! When I forget how much I hate painting, I'll start painting again! PS- I love all of your crafts. Awesome!

AaReAn said...


thanks karla! Sure do miss you!


Angela said...

We must be the same age, because I remember loving the purple/turquoise combo myself at that age. Although I did like the addition of hot pink. ;)