Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i heart idaho

What a wonderful Christmas break it was! Jeff and I were lucky enough to spend lots of time in Idaho with family, friends, and loved ones. It was so nice to be home. :) While we were there Jeff gave me this lovely necklace. He got it from Etsy seller Truche, who makes all sorts of amazingness with metal. It is truly exquisite! It makes me so happy to carry such a beautiful little reminder of home around my neck.

As for some of my other favorite things from the trip, please see below.

Reed's Dairy Ice Cream! Not sure I will ever be able to restrain myself from the double scoop waffle cone. Mmm...mmm...mmm!

I made all sorts of fun snowflakes for my Mom. Here is the octopus one I came up with.

Pomegranate lemonade from Applebee's. Oh yes, it is tasty. Especially when you get free refills.

Snowshoeing - blessed, blessed snowshoeing. Here I managed to do a little quasi-sledding on the snowshoes. Don't tell the rental joint.

I took too many pictures to post them all on my blog, but you can see pictures of our snowshoeing adventure here and just general pics here.

Is it bad that I'm already excited to go back?


megan... said...

where to begin? I miss seeing your posts! Can you teach me how to make snowflakes?? (mine pretty much look like a 3rd grader- but is it bad that there is something I love about that too?)

and I would LOVE to go snowshoeing with you. for reals- that sounds like a party!

I get comments on your purse- EVERY time I use it. I wish I had an Etsy address full of your stuff that I could refer people too.

Come visit soon. If Bobby's internship throws us to that side of the states, we'll totally harass you too!

Laura said...

now THAT'S a double scoop. looks tasty. I love the octopus! So cute.