Friday, December 18, 2009

ho hum

Remember how I used to blog? Yeah, I know it was a long time ago. These last couple of months have been crazy! Someday I will start posting again, and I hope that day is soon. :)

Let's start with this: I will commit to posting about my second giveaway before Christmas.
Deal? Deal!


Dinah said...

Hi Karla,

I know you indirectly through Sarah Redd, who is the sister of Daniel Allen, and he is married to my good friend Kathleen! Anyway, through Kathleen's blog, I found your blog. And I just wanted to tell you that, as a crafter myself, I am AMAZED by all the stuff you do! Your craftsmanship and choice of colors/designs are right on! I am always inspired to do something creative whenever I see your blog. Merry Christmas, and keep up the excellent work!

Dinah Broyles
Tempe, AZ

Tenille said...

So yesterday Nat and I went to lunch at Five Guys to celebrate the end of a busy semester. It just so happens that the fries we ate that day were from your home town. We hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas holiday!