Wednesday, February 4, 2009

addendum - philly

At Jeff's request, I am adding this photo of the future location of the Philadelphia Temple towards North Philly. The picture isn't that great (a nice camera can only do so much with a moving night shot), but you get the idea. It will be built in place of this parking lot in the city, much like the Manhattan Temple is in the middle of the city. Pretty neat, eh? Jeff is very excited!


Melissa said...

That is very exciting! Somehow I missed that announcement. I can't wait to tell my mom, she was born in Philly and I'm sure she will be absolutely delighted.

Kiz Fam said...

Karla, I thought someone would ask me that question (about where Brooklyn learned to exercise in a swimsuit and tight red pants). I thought for sure you would already know...Jason of course. Miss you, hope you're doing well!