Sunday, November 2, 2008

quirky tag

Barbara recently tagged me. I'm supposed to share 6 quirky things about me, so here goes:

1 - I really, really love flying. The first time I ever flew was when I was a junior in high school, but the novelty hasn't really worn off. I still walk around the airport feeling like I'm so cool, even though everyone else is there to do the exact same thing. I'm also fascinated to look out the window at the sights below (the picture above is one I took on a recent flight). I really can't describe how much I love to fly!

2 - I do not like blowing up balloons. I'm always afraid I'll blow them up too much and they will pop in my face. As a result, my balloons are almost always underflated (is that even a word?).

3 - I absolutely HATE the sound of forks scraping against dishes. It sounds horrible and it makes me cold. In fact, I just got a shiver thinking about it.

4 - I am somewhat of a triskaidecaphobe, meaning I have a fear of the number 13. I've been known to be so extreme that I can't even set my alarm clock to numbers that add up to the number 13, such as 6:34, 9:31 (31 is bad too because it is 13 backwards), etc.

5 - I guess the fact that I even set my alarm for random times like 7:32 and 9:07 is weird in and of itself.

and finally

6 - I love Star Wars. There, I said it.
Now, it's your turn (if you so choose)...


Babs said...

Karla, you have the coolest quirks ever!

Mark and Stef said...

Karla,you make me laugh. I learned so much about you! My favorite is that you feel so cool in the airport, I love it! We're in Wisconsin right now but I'll be sure to do my tag when we get back.