Thursday, May 24, 2007

April showers...

They weren't kidding about "April showers" - I had 5 baby showers within 2 weeks in April! I was busy making bags and burp cloths. I designed and made each one (you can see more pictures by clicking on the flickr badge to the right).

These bags have turned out to be a big hit! I've tried to make them the perfect size for quick errands - smaller than a diaper bag but bigger than a purse. They also have an interior pocket for cell phones, credit cards, or even a bottle. I've received rave reviews and hope they are as functional as they are fun!

Also, I hope Kristen, Sabrina, Kacey, Brooke, and Sheena like the colors I chose for their bags. One of the best parts about making these gifts is that I get to make something I think matches each of their personalities - so fun!


Jon, Becca and James said...

Karla, I love this bag! "Use Your Own Melon" lol . . . you have such great titles. Are you going to sell these? Or the wallets, earrings, or headbands? I may just have to order . . . (conditional on my being able to afford them of course!)

love, Becca
P.S. Which color did you use for each girl?

karla said...

Hi Becca! I have been thinking about selling things for a long time, but have only done one order so far (a bag for Amy). Let me know if you are interested in buying something and I'd be happy to work with you on preferences and price.

As for the colors of the bags, I made green ones for Kristen and Kacey, aqua for Sabrina, Pink for Sheena, and brown for Brooke.